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By request Services

Most of the “By-request services” we offer our guests are completely free of charge.
We explicitly indicate the ones we charge for, like Shuttle service or Additional linen change.

    Shuttle service

    We offer by request a Shuttle service from the place of your arrival until our Farm (and viceversa), no matter the place in Florence (or elsewhere) you arrive from.
    The Shuttle service must be requested while booking and it is charged at a distance-depending fare (see Shuttle Fares).

    The service is available every day in the year, H/24, for every range of distance. It can be requested both for your arrival to/leaving from Rimezzano and for your daily trips to Florence and other places.

    Wood and equipment for lighting fire

    We provide you with wood and fuel to light the fire for BBQ, wood-oven and fireplace in your apartments.
    At your call for free also all tools and equipment for purpose of using BBQ and wood-oven.

    Additional change of linen

    We change your linen for free once a week. By request, we offer you additional change every 3 days, at 30€ per change.

    Flatiron and hair-dryer

    Flatiron and hair-dryer are provided for free to all of our guests. You only have to request them on your arrival e give them back on your leaving.

    Remember at Fattoria di Rimezzano you have to feel like you’re at home: whatever additional service you may need, you can ask us, and you will appreciate the cordiality of our staff.

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