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Are you willing to read your book in full tranquillity and silence?
Have you got to work and need concentration?
Are you looking for a fresh and shady place after spending the day on the pool under the hot summer sun of Italy?

    Well., if you do, then pur Relax zone is the perfect place for you: the large lodge of the farmhouse is one of the most striking ambiance of our estate, with a structure made of open-style rustic materials that come from the ancient tradition of Tuscan country.
    It’s definitely the best place for you to find tranquility, silence and relaxation.

    It is in fact located the opposite side of the Farm in respect to the pool: this means it is completely noiseless and it’s a very fresh place even at the climax of summer.

    Caratteristiche della Zona Relax:

    • Wi-Fi coverage
    • Lighting
    • Couches and seats

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