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The springing nature of Tuscan country surrounding Florence is the main features of our Farm – Country Resort. In this page we present our produces, the animals and the environment around the Estate.

    The plantation: our cultivated lands

    Our Apartments in Rimezzano is set in a waide agricultural area including a vineyard, a olive grove, an orchard and a vegetable garden. From these plantations our Farm grows its delicious produces, you’ll be able to taste during your stay and purchase when leaving.

    The vineyard and olive grove are on the hill in front of the farm: their presence is one of the typical features of Tuscan landscape and, most of all, of the famous country in the Chianti hills, well-known all over the world for the production of highest quality wine and oil.

    The orchard and the vegetable garden, instead, surround the antique farmhouse which our apartments are obtained from: the wide scope of produces we grow in our farm is the reason why we can offer our guest fresh fruit and vegetable in every season of the year.

    Our courtyard animals

    In our farm we feed chickens and ducks.

    In a dedicated corral you’ll notice a great number of nice chickens with their clump that is typical to this native race, and, of course, the rooster that controls his kingdom with bossy attitude.
    This clumpsy-haired chicken race is very appreciated in Tuscany, mosta of all, in fact of egg production.

    Ducks instead can move freely around their specifically dedicated little lake. If you visit our farm with your children, you will find our white or emerald-green coloured ducks are extremely interesting for the youngest, especially in the period of chicks.

    We also feed hunting dogs: our hounds are employed for hunting in the woods surrounding our farm, that are pretty rich in wild game.

    Nature around the Farm

    Our farm in Rimezzano is set in the middle of wonderful natural landscape of tuscan country: our estate is surrounded with woods, fields, pastures and hills. It’s the perfect place for a walk in the nature for relaxing, breathing clean air and resume from the chaotical rhythms of the city.

    Nature surrounding our farm is still intact: thus, meeting one of many wild animals that live in our country is not unusual at all, while having a walk in the nature or simply looking out the window in the morning. Wild boars, pheasants, squirrel and prickets are only some of the nice creatures you will find in Rimezzano.

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